Andhra Pradesh


kadapa¬†mainly has red and black soil which ranges from poor to fertile across the region. Red soil occupies 53% of the cultivated area of the district whereas black soil covers rest of the 47%. Agriculture is the main livelihood in Kadapa followed by animal husbandry. The main crops include paddy, bengal gram, red gram, groundnut and sunflower. Average rainfall for the district is around 696mm as against the state average of 92mm. Where irrigation facilities are not available. 86% of land is cultivated by either bore wells or is dependent on the monsoon of adequate rainfall since the last two years has forced the farmers across the district to cultivate just one crop annually. Literacy rate here is 65% out of which male and female literacy rates are 64% and 43% respectively. Besides it’s historical importance the district has occupied an important place on the industrial map of Andhra Pradesh with its rich mineral resources such as Baryte, Asbestos and Limestone. YSR Kadapa district is said to be the heart of the Rayalaseema as it is centrally located and well connected with the four districts of Rayalaseema. The district has a glorious history and a rich cultural heritage.