Lumshnong (Thangskai)

In Meghalaya we have our presence in Khliehriat Block of Jaintia Hills District. Limestone is the prominently available resource in this area and therefore, the district hosts a few Cement Industries. DBGF registered its presence in the region in the year 2013. To understand the social and economic aspects of the area and to develop a meaningful development program. A study to do the needs assessment was commissioned in January 2014 which will lay the design of the program in the region.

During the initial phase of the program. DBGF started a school bus service from Lumshnong to Khliehriat, the district headquarters which is about 40km away. Over 45 Children from 6 villages have been benefited and have now been able to enroll in to the schools of their choice. Similarly noticing the challenge that the communities face when it comes to the issue of water. DBGF constructed a 1 lakh liters capacity water storage tank through which water is further distributed through the pipeline. The initiative has been largely appreciated and so have been several other small initiatives of the Foundation.