Livelihood and Skill Training


Ramu, Dugganpalli Village, Kadappa, Andhra Pradesh

“My only job at the construction site was to carry bricks and other material and to provide that to the Mason. If I ever annoyed the Mason or the Supervisor, I would not be allowed to work for many days. I always wondered why even after labouring more than others, my wages were low up until I understood that it was so because I did not possess the skills that a Mason did! I think I was very fortunate to have been noticed by Dalmia Foundation’s team and got selected for this program. I would not only have more dignity at work, but will also be able to earn around Rs. 300 per day, double of my pre-training earning. Who knows, I would one day be a contractor and have my own team!” -Ramu, Dugganpalli Village, Kadappa, Andhra Pradesh