Tamil Nadu


Ariyalur is very well known for its rich natural resources. With limestone, which is the potential raw material for cement industry, available in abundance. The district has many major cement factories. Half of the population in Ariyalur still depends on agriculture and livestock for their livelihood. Paddy, coriander, sugarcane and cashew are among the major crops here.

The ground water table,which is going down, is not only a big concern at present but would be a bigger worry in future. We have therefore started to engage with communities on the issue of water conservation and water management. We support farmers for construction of farm ponds, community ponds, check dams and for setting up drip irrigation system in their fields. We believe that our continuous effort would not only result into recharging of the ground water, but would also help improve the quality of water in long run.

Aiming at energy conservation and climate change mitigation, we support households in replacement of conventional fuel wood stoves with fuel efficient stoves. Promotion of dung based bio-gas and solar lighting systems are some other initiatives in this direction.

Keeping in mind that livestock is also a major source of livelihood in the area, we keep organizing veterinary camps, getting bank accounts of the poor opened, facilitating micro finance, helping them get livestock insurance and training them in best animal husbandry practices.


Dalmiapuram is the home town of Dalmia Cement and is a small township in Tiruchirapalli district of Tamil Nadu. The district is an industrial hub and has a large number of large and small scale industries.

DBGF’s major focus at Dalmiapuram is on Water. The Foundation has entered in to an agreement with NABARD and is developing an area of 2000 hectares on watershed basis. Besides that we have a large program to assist farmers to construct farm ponds, village ponds and check-dams.

Due to the depleting fuel resources and power supply issues, we are promoting the usage of renewable energy by way of supporting them to adopt solar lanterns, Solar home lighting systems, Solar water eaters, fuel efficient stoves and biogas plants.

Tiruchirapalli is known as a center for education and has substantial number of educational institutions including a University, over 20 Arts and Science Colleges, 1 Medical College, around 12 Engineering colleges, 1 Agricultural college and hundreds of schools including a few teacher training institutes. To further contribute to the quality of education there, we have worked for mainstreaming the school dropouts, supporting anganwadis,facilitating TLM Development, organizing Teacher’s Orientation Programs and also supporting sports competitions to develop the team spirit among youth.

In the direction of enhancement of livelihood, we facilitate the Milch Cattle Loans for poor and organize various skill training programs for them. We have also assisted women groups to establish small business ventures after adequate skill training. In one such significant venture, a group of women weave various beautiful products out of dried palm-leaves.